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Solar Panel Installation Company in Charleston, SC

With time a lot of people are now preferring solar panels for electricity. Now, you can stop renting electricity from the utility and make your clean power by getting solar panels installed at your house. It will not only provide clean power but also helps to protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint and improving local air quality. It also provides a lot of short-term and long-term financial benefits. Therefore, at Charleston Roofing and Solar we also provide solar installation, repairing, and inspection services.

Solar installation Services

We will help you install solar systems that will save you thousands on household electricity and increase your home value. A solar system consists of solar panels, mounting systems, and a solar inverter. And we will install all this solar system at your place very proficiently and on time. We can offer solar systems installed on every type of roof including metal, tile, shingle, and flat roofs.

No matter which sort of roof your property has, our technicians will install the solar panels impeccably. And if the roof isn’t able to support the solar panels and needs to have some changes then we will help you with that as well. We offer pre-construction consultation and coordinate with your roof builder as well, to guide him to make the roof suitable for the solar panel installation. This is what you can expect from our solar installation service;

Free Solar Estimate

Our solar assessments are completely free because we understand that not every property is suitable for solar systems. We send a trained solar technician to your place who takes a survey of certain things such as the sun exposure at your place and your previous electricity bills to make sure the solar system can be installed at your property.

Solar System Design

One solar system design doesn't fit all sorts of properties. Therefore, we spend time talking with you to determine your energy and lifestyle needs to design a solar system perfect for your needs.

Top-Quality Solar Panels

Cheap solar panels of poor quality rarely pay off in the long run. Therefore, we only use top-grade solar panels, wiring, inventors, and other equipment.

Solar Repair

No matter who installed your solar system, if it has some issue we will repair them for you. We have solar experts who will check your complete solar system, detect the issues and fix them for you. Our technicians have years of experience in this field so you can completely rely on us for the repair of your solar system without causing any damage to it.

Solar Inspection

Our job is not just limited to installing the solar system, but we will also inspect your system regularly, and service it when needed to ensure optimal longevity and optimal performance. Our professionals are experts in providing maintenance and inspection services of the solar system as well. They will check whether the system is working efficiently or not. If any issues are found in the inspection or your solar system, we will make sure to fix the solar system.